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Kara basks in the morning sunlight filtering in through her sheer, ivory curtains, waking up gradually. There's no hurry for her.

It's good to have a Friday off.

She stays laying out on her dusky lilac pillows, stretching apart her toes, murmuring a low, nonsensical sound when a chiming ring loudly interrupts the peace.

She's only a few inches from Kara's breathing space, one of Lena's legs tangled with hers, but it's not enough. Kara wishes Lena would reach out and press up against her again.

She could embrace Kara's waist, rolling into her, sucking and biting kisses under Kara's ear, giggling at the display of affection.

supergirl fanfiction kara weak

With a groan, Kara shoves away her quilt and climbs out of bed, trudging to the source of the chiming. The warmth disappears from the surface of Kara's skin, and she supposes that's what she gets for walking around her unheated apartment. She's only a rumpled, polka dot-print pajama top and boy-cut underwear. It doesn't take long to rescue her cellphone out of a jean pocket.

The one the DEO specifically assigned her—something about "removing the interference and tracking tech" and "your secret identity" blah blah.

The sudden graveness of his tone releases a chill through her. Is something wrong? I'm fine. Might be a bomb planted somewhere in the city.

supergirl fanfiction kara weak

Kara switches off the transmission, quickly glancing over to Lena padding over in one of Kara's bright pink, terry-cloth bathrobes, examining her teeth in the shine of a cleaned pot. She tries to stifle a laugh. They nearly smoked themselves out the apartment after experimenting with a new recipe Kara found online.

After that, it had been late night takeout with a bottle of chardonnay. And lots of cuddling. More than cuddling, Kara admits to herself bashfully, flushing and twisting her fingers together. She still has to tell Alex about dating Lena for the past two months, and essentially come out herself this time.

Never did Kara imagine she would be the one to tell her sister she was into girls. Dating a Luthor too? Clark would definitely need a moment or three to wrap his head around a Luthor situation.

Kara shakes her head, snapping back into focus.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Lena is raising her three-year-old daughter alone. She's moved them to Midvale where she'll teach at the community college to get a fresh start and get away from her family. Kara lives in Midvale with her sister Alex. She's trying to recover from an accident that has drastically altered her life. Alex is too preoccupied with helping Kara to see that she deserves her own happiness. Can they all help one another to find what's missing to be happy again?

After a bad accident, Kara Danvers' life drastically changes and seems to be slowly falling apart. On one of her usual "escapes", she meets - or rather just sees - a young man named Mike Matthews.

And then she sees him again. And again. And again and again. After seeing him for the sixth time in the same week, Kara finally decides to approach him to find out why he is stalking her. Ugh, basically Mike is a cop, Kara is sad, they will fall in love.

No-one remembers the world before crisis - no-one but the paragons and the select few with restored memories of the multiverse. Yet somehow, some others remember a red wave and have lost their minds at the knowledge. With Kara and Lena still at odds post-crisis, what will it take to fix their strained relationship and get to the bottom of the mystery? Following the th episode of Supergirl, Metallo Lena crosses universes and ends up at LuthorCorp, set on getting her revenge on Supergirl.Kara Danvers woke up groggily after having been knocked unconscious by her rampaging cousin.

He had defeated all the Justice League and fucked Wonder Woman already after being infected with red kryptonite, and now it seems like he wanted her. It's not like she could have stood up to him anyway, since she had only been Supergirl for a month. Now she stared up at Superman's looming figure, gulping audibly. Smirking, Clark grabbed her by her slim waist and flipped her over, his body loaming over her. Not letting her speak, he smashed his lips against her and took advantage of her shocked gasp and raped her tongue with his.

He took pleasure in her strawberry taste and let his hand wander her spectacular body until he reached her unclothed treasure. He enjoyed the light weak moans Kara was letting out between their lip lock. He could tell she was holding back on giving in. That only made him try harder to break her.

Seeing as she was wet enough, he took his hand away from her mound and shoved his whole dick inside, breaking her hymen, and groaned loudly into the kiss. He could see the tears welling from Kara's now wide eyes. She tried to hit him, but he soon pinned her arms to her sides. Needing some air, he released her lips and gave the pained girl a smug smirk. Something I can appreciate from a virgin like yourself. When he pushed past her barrier, all she could feel was great pain and felt her insides bleeding all over the intruder that was Clark's giant cock.

Kara felt herself liking the feeling of being so full but she'd never admit it to this bastard who took her purity so savagely. It's I who will fuck you. A strangled moan tried to escape her supple lips but she held it in by biting her cheek. Clark could see she was holding back so he decided to play dirty.

Keeping his thrusts hard, deep, and strong, he soon let one of the hands holding her slim waist to buck against his cock move its way to her plump backside. Raising himself up a little, getting her in a new spot that raised her hips high, he soon smacked her ass. She had never been spanked before and it was shocking to her that she enjoyed it.

Her body craved more and Clark was giving it to her with each pump back into her stomach. I-I-It hurts! Hell, even your hips are fucking mine. Grabbing the back of her head, he slammed his lips against hers again and mashed his tongue against hers while mercilessly fucking her pussy. The humiliation of having herself taken in front of her masturbating sister caused her shame and an odd sense of arousal of having an audience.

Clark's bashing tongue was also making her lose her mind deeper and deeper into lust the longer he jammed his dick in and out of her abused mound. The head of his tool kept bumping against her cervix, making her scream in the kiss while coating his cock in her love-juice. Her eyes widened all the way when Clark got even higher up and piledrived himself in and out of his new woman.

His tongue licked and soaked her sweaty flesh in saliva and gave her a small hicky, marking her as his. Alex was cumming so hard as she watched her master fuck Kara like a wild man. Can't believe you came so quickly.They had been going at it for a little over an hour, and she had a thin layer of sweat to prove it. Kara nodded, despite her muscles aching in protest. Sparring with Alex was typically enjoyable, but Kara had blown her powers out a few days ago, and her body was even more weak than usual.

Alex had begun to insist they train at least a little whenever Kara solar flared in case she lost her powers in the middle of a fight, but Kara wasn't feeling up to it today.

Kara sighed, Alex had a point. Rolling her aching shoulders back, she turned and faced against her sister. Alex didn't seem to notice, after an incident with Livewire a few months ago, she was always eager to improve Kara's combat skills whenever she solar flared.

Kara knew Alex was trying to watch out for her, but something was off this time, and it had nothing to do with Alex.

Alex advance on Kara, throwing a couple solid punches. Kara managed to dodge the first, but the second caught her in the chest, throwing her back a little. Wincing, Kara tried not to cough, and sent a few half-assed punches Alex's way. Let's end strong! Kara nodded, trying to ignore the heaviness that had settled in her skull.

Her head felt like a sponge that had absorbed too much water, and was now sloshing around behind her eyes.

Every muscle in her body ached, and while Alex was sweating, Kara was drenched. Ducking sharply, Kara barely managed to avoid a strong swing from her sister. Her slow reaction didn't go unnoticed by Alex, who was starting to become concerned.

Kara was panting by now, the room that had been steadily increasing in temperature was now overflowing with waves of heat. She sent a fist towards Alex, which was quickly intercepted as Alex pushed her back defensively.

Kara stumbled backwards, swaying on her feet. The room was spinning, and everything was blurring together in one mesh of color.

She brought a hand to her face, wincing at the touch as her head throbbed underneath her palm. Kara tried to glance up at Alex's face, but the sudden movement sparked a new pain that jolted through her body from her skull. Before she could register what was happening, her knees gave way underneath her and she pitched forward. Alex lunged towards her sister, barely managing to catch her before she fell to the floor.

Her eyes widened at the heat radiating from the other girl's body. Footsteps thundered in, and medical professionals rushed to her side. She watched the nurses roll over several sun lamps, placing them above her sister's still body. Kara's eyes remained closed, her breathing shallow and harsh. She wasn't sure how much time had passed until a doctor walked over, informing Alex that Kara had simply caught the flu and would be fine in a couple days, or when she got her powers back.Cat hated events like these.

It wasn't the venue or the ambience that bothered her, and in fact, she was known to enjoy a good high society party, especially when it was to celebrate her achievements, no, what bothered her about these types of events were the people. The typical events that she attended or organized were filled with media professionals or political figures, people who knew that attending a party was more about presenting yourself a certain way, and less about personal interaction.

But every once in a while Cat was forced to attend a party like this one, an event not centered around politics, but rather, an employee social gathering. She almost shuddered as she thought those words, she really had no idea why the Human Resources Department insisted on hosting these events twice a year, but if she shut them down she would have to read through endless emails from the head of the department detailing the importance of employee bonding.

Even so, the event itself was never too bad. It was always classy, the food and alcohol of good quality, so in the end her dislike for these events all came down to the people, specifically the "friends and family.

None of them had ulterior motives in coming to the party, they simply wanted to have a night out with their loved ones, which made the entire event way to personal and charming for her tastes. The second reason was that these outsiders didn't know her three rules, the rules that every CatCo employee lived and died by.

And without the boundary of political and social networking that guarded other types of social events, these guests didn't always know where to draw the line, and so someone almost always ended up breaking at least one of her rules. They were easy rules to remember. The first was never to question her commitment to her son, or comment on the fact that her usual cold demeanor vanished completely in his presence. The second rule was never to invade her personal space unless she initiated it first.

And the third rule, well, the third rule was that Kara was hers. Some of Kara's male colleagues, specifically that IT boy, Witt, or whatever his name was, and James, the wonder photographer, hadn't gotten that memo right away, but a few well placed glares, accompanied by a possessive hand around Kara's arm, soon put them in their place. She knew that some of the employees wondered just how far her claim over her young assistant went, but none of them would dare ask, or even speculate amongst themselves.

And she liked it that way. The fact that none of them could figure out if her claim was driven by a romantic desire or more simply just a control factor meant that no one could figure out just how to analyze or disrupt the relationship.

Of course it wasn't completely fair to say that every CatCo employee was aware of this third rule because there was, importantly, one distinctive deviant, and that was Kara herself. Cat wasn't sure how Kara would react if she ever figured it out, would she run? What did Cat actually want her to do? Cat didn't even know herself, because, for however much she wanted her young assistant, she was also terrified of breaking her. That's why it was better this way. Kara was loyal to a fault, which meant that Cat never had to worry about the girl doing anything that would interfere with their relationship, even if Kara wasn't even fully aware of what that relationship was.

It was also why she refused to say Kara's name correctly, and why she didn't try to learn anything about her background, or life outside of the office. She couldn't control any of that, the only thing she could control was office Kiera, office Kiera in CatCo, surrounded by employees who were well aware of where the boundary lay. It all played out rather well, except, it would seem, at these stupid employee social gatherings where outsiders flooded into her domain wanting to be all personal and real.

It was the one time that the outside world threatened to crash in around her Kara in Cat's presence, which challenged Cat's commitment to keeping her claim to the office alone.

Which was precisely what was happening now because, for the first time in the two years Cat had known her, Kara, who looked stunning in her dark blue dress that was, if a little too conservative for Cat's liking, in a color and style that complemented Cat's own dark green gown, well, Kara had brought someone with her to the event.

Cat was pretending to make small talk with a board member and her husband, but in reality, she was just using them as a shield while she carefully scrutinized the woman who was with Kara. The woman in question was attractive, Cat had to grudgingly admit, with short dark-brown or reddish hair, it was hard to tell against her black dress suit, and she was standing way to close to Kara. For once Cat actually wished she knew if Kara had any sisters or cousins, but this woman looked nothing like her assistant, so even if Kara did have siblings, this woman was unlikely one of them.

Supergirl - 3x12 Kara risks her identity as Supergirl to save Lena

For her part, Kara was staring at the woman like she was the greatest thing to ever grace the planet, her admiration clear on her face. Cat could see both women in profile, and she watched as Kara laughed at something the other woman said, seeming more relaxed in her presence than Cat had ever seen her.

Cat felt herself visibly frown. It lasted only a moment, and then her Queen of all Media mask was back in place, but it was long enough to be noticed by her current conversation partners.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Sorprese e disorientate, Alex e Kara tornano a casa per conoscere le persone coinvolte.

Non solo quello che sembra! Lena lives for days without Kara after their fallout. She packs up and moves to Gotham city where Supergirl is a distant memory. Then on dayLena watches the news with a hangover and watches the love of her life die in front of her. It's Lena's path back to redemption and hopefully her path back to love. Krypton is a dying planet. Desperate to save their world, Kryptonians come to Earth seeking humans to help repopulate their species.

Every year women are taken from Earth to be mates for Kryptonian Alphas. This is known as the Collection. The Crisis is ongoing and Kara is tired. Argo is gone. Her mother is gone, again. But they need Supergirl, and Supergirl does not bend, or break, and mourning can always wait until the danger is over.

Except it can't. And Lena's the only one there to pick up the pieces of the broken hero. From Lena's POV. Alex goes away to college and realizes her feelings for Kara.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kara and Lena are strangers sitting next to each other on an international flight.

By then end of it they will know each other intimately. After the flight, both women may or may not want more, but, life is complicated. Tune in to see how these two eventually figure things out after some rather graphic sexual encounters.

Using some of her Omega charm, Kara was finally able to get Lena to take care of her needs. Raised by the streets and brought up with street racing, it was in Kara's blood.

As an omega, Kara always had something to prove. On and off the streets. And it was the best life she could ever ask for. That is, until her crew is murdered in cold blood Now, years later Kara finds herself working side by side with an Alpha to get revenge on those that did her wrong More than either of them bargained for. She can do, and go anywhere she pleased.

There is no door that's locked for her curious and sharp mind. Major Crimes Lt. Lena Luthor lives a stressful life especially after the tragedy that's hit her family less than a year ago.

supergirl fanfiction kara weak

She's worked hard to get to where she is, including being shot twice. Hard work, dedication and integrity is what she lives by. Kara and Lena couldn't be more different, practically living in two different universes it seems. Until they cross paths one fateful night. It would be the night that would change their lives forever.

A night that would merge their world's for better or for worse depending on who's asking. Four times Kara and Lena were just so goddamned cute together and that one time where Lena was dying. The plan is simple: Kara will auction her virginity at the local Auction House. She would do anything for her sister, and that includes sleeping with an alpha she neither knows nor loves. Officers Alex and Maggie are called to a domestic disturbance call where Alex reunites with her first and only real love but when Kara is badly hurt by her abusive alpha, Alex is willing to do anything to protect her.

Kara and Alex have been best friends and secretly in love with one another, will Lena's plan for Kara to make Alex jealous succeed or will Alex surprise everyone.

Supergirl comes across Lena Luthor at a very inopportune moment and the consequences force out the truth.