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All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. The majority of posts I see about WGU have everyone transferring in gen.

I've also seen a number of posts mention taking some of the gen. Thanks Datschmo. September Beyond the cost I'm looking to knock out the gen. Was looking for input on WGU vs. I was looking into taking the SL courses but I decided it would just be easier and less hassle to take the WGU courses. Well from what I read on the WGU posts the gen ed classes aren't to bad. I think its comparing apples to oranges because for both I read about ppl knocking out courses in weeks.

It really depends on your budget I'd say just go for WGU if you have funds to do so. But if you don't just yet you could knock out a few classes on straighterline to get you head start once you enroll. I just decided to do it the less hassle way but straightline is pretty good value. Your right I do remember reading that on the SL website. Valsacar Member Posts: I'm planning on having my wife do some SL before WGU carefully picked ones, of coursemainly to give her a taste of classes without a lecturer and the whole online aspect.

If she's comfortable with the self-paced, online, aspect then we'll enroll her in WGU. Thanks for everyone's input. Valsacar: Good point about trying out SL first, since I haven't taken any courses without a lecturer.

November SteveLord Member Posts: 1, Quick googling around brings up several mixed reviews. I don't drop money for anything mixed. When my time comes, I am going to keep it simple and do WGU all the way.

WGU B. Devilry Member Posts: From what I understand, all of straighterlines courses are not proctored. They have increased the normal fees but removed the proctor fee.

WGU only accepts proctored courses from straighterline. I took a few courses, they really are great and you can run through a lot of them quick. In what cases will your enrollment counselor advice to take the SL path initially? Ivanjam Member Posts: Sign In or Register to comment.Many of our clients have asked us how to beat ProctorU or other such sites that host online proctoring. While many schools require no online-proctored exams, some others require a few online-proctored exams each semester.

Out of curiosity, we signed up for a few classes that required multiple proctored exams in an attempt to determine the best way to game the system for different online proctoring companies.

We also added directions for a more advanced set-up so that you can take the exam with a remote test taker who is not in the room with you. As a preface, this blog is LONG. You can probably jump straight to the diagrams and skip all of the reading, however getting caught cheating is never fun so we went into as much detail as we could in the set-up and execution instructions so that you are as fully prepared as possible.

The Problem. First, when taking an online-proctored exam you are required to have a computer, a monitor, and a webcam, as well as a CD or a mirror of some sort to show the proctor that you do not have any notes taped to the side of your monitor. Additionally, the proctor then uses their remote access, takes over control of your mouse, and checks the settings on your computer to ensure that you only have one monitor display and to disable your screenshot capability.

Lastly, the proctor then has you spin your webcam around the room so they can see where you are taking the test. If you can have your webcam securely attached to your monitor or even better as built into your monitor, this limits the range of visibility that they can see. Basically you are stuck in front of your monitor with a webcam that shows all of your eye and body movements with no way to really project the image of the exam to anyone else, short of having a two-way mirror behind you, which seems excessive.

Solution: Hardware and Software Requirements. Solution: Basic Set-Up. First you need to determine if the person who is going to take your test for you will be in the room with you. If the person who is going to do the test can be with you, the set-up is pictured below. The person is able to see the exact same image that you see on your monitor, but because the image is split via hardware, there is no indication in your computer settings that two monitors are connected to the one computer.

If you have properly set-up this design, there will only be one monitor that appears to be in use by the computer. If you are using a laptop, make sure you have it closed and set to turn-off the laptop display so that only the monitor you are using shows a display and not both the monitor and the screen of the laptop.

Also, make sure the laptop is fully out of the visual field of the webcam- explaining why you have a splitter connected would be difficult. If this is not possible, you can always add a third VGA male-to-female connector cable connecting your laptop to the splitter, which virtually eliminates the chance that the splitter can be seen if your laptop must be within range of the webcam.

Taking Straighterline Classes and WGU Application/Enrollment Process

Since you cannot look away from the computer or in any way acknowledge that there is anyone else in the room, the communication needs to be done through touch under your desk or by sliding the written answer under the base of the monitor on your desk.

This is the easiest way to do a multiple-choice test. There is also another option using color coded flash cards from another room further described at the end of the blog under "Key Things to Remember".

This allows you to have your head down while you are either writing on scratch paper or using your calculator and places the answer within your field of sight without being in the range of the webcam. Because your eyes and head are already down, the webcam does not pick up the slight movement of your eyes to look at the notecard.

During our trials, no one ever asked to see the scrap paper and none of the proctors are specifically trained in the subject- they are purely trained to watch for eye and body movement that indicates cheating.

Solution: Advanced Set-Up.Log in or Sign up. Straighter Line - How long did it take you to complete a course? Tags: ace classes clep straighterline. I've signed up for the English II course over the weekend. How long did it take you to complete the course? I'm just seeking some feedback on any of these courses. I would like to take a few classes but most schools have already started - I begin at Bellevue University Nov.

Thanks guys. DewailerSep 21, Can anyone offer any guidance with these classes? You might be more likely to to find an answer to your question over on Degree Forum. I completed Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in about a week each. I don't have experience with any of the other courses you mentioned. It was very quick because unlike English there is no waiting on somebody to grade papers, etc, I can simply get my work done 12 hours a day if I want.

I prefer that model, I want as little interaction as possible, I just want to get it done. Took Managerial Accounting in 9 hours straight, got an A thanks to Rickyjo's study guide. I'm so glad it helped! Is there a hint I don't know? How long does it take to complete a course? It takes an average StraighterLine student about 40 days to complete an online course.

You can finish one of our classes in less than a week if you wanted or take it over many months. The choice is yours. This student took college algebra in one week.

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I know this is not an exact answer to your question but hope it helps. StraighterLineSep 29, I alreayd completed all the classes I could have transcripted by Ft Hays.

But I would like to take more classes however I want them transcripted so I can then transfer them to the college of my choice. Last edited by a moderator: May 2, I like most of SL's courses, so far.Log in or Sign up. Starting November 1st, Straighterline will require proctored examinations. This is total bait and switch to loyal customers. Straighterline was known for being self paced, go on your own leisure.

They will start flagging accounts prior to Nov 1, if they notice a student dramatically progressing through the course.

Straighter Line - How long did it take you to complete a course?

They are even looking at past accounts to see if they progressed the courses dramatically, your account will be possibly flagged. The proctor will cost more money.

Now everyone will have to pay more money to complete their class. Also, it's hard already for individuals to schedule time to take a proctor. I for one, like to take my tests half naked or in my pajamas at the leisure of my own home.

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We are subjected to use a for profit company called "Proctor U" to take these exams. They have control of your computer and view you through webcam. You will need identification and make sure you meet at the appointment you scheduled or you will be charged again.

I for one only agree if a partner college with Straighterline requires proctored examinations.

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If a college doesn't have a rule requiring proctored examinations than so be it. The student is aware, for example, if they choose WGU they would have to go by proctors for each exam. This move is more about making money than academic integrity. Even many community college courses in many states do not require proctors, why make proctoring mandatory if not all current partner schools require it!

This has become a big issue on the sister forums, so I would like to post it here as well. Their is a petition up if you would like to sign it, please. S: YesI do like to take my exams half naked. It's just how I am. RugbyManOct 6, I wouldn't exactly call it a bait and switch. I have no problem with them requiring proctored exams.

I am, however, disappointed that this will require the payment of an additional fee per course. The flagging of accounts for working too quickly doesn't seem to be that big of a deal as Straighterline indicates AV8ROct 6, Right, I don't have a problem with proctored examinations either. Heck, I'll be more comfortable if they let me choose my local college or library as my proctor. I have taken many Penn Foster courses where I choose my local community college as a proctor destination. I am just furious that they are charging for this fee.

Not only that, imagine if one is in the last week of the course and we need to schedule an appointment for Proctor U to take that exam. Same thing happened with my account. Wait until you pay and then switch it on you.

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As far as I am concerned, StraighterLine is a fraud.Log in or Sign up. For those considering Straighterline English Composition I have seen both positive and negative comments regarding Straighterline courses, and I wanted to provide my two cents to anyone who may be considering the English Comp class. I know everyone's learning needs are different, but I am having a very positive experience so far.

I didn't need English Comp, but it has been 20 years since I have written an essay, and I wanted to be prepared for the fall semester. I was never strong in my writing skills, and this course is helping tremendously. I have seen feedback regarding cheating, etc. I am taking my time with each reading, videos, and assignments.

I purchased the recommended text. I am taking all of the practice quizzes before going to the next module. I just submitted my first "Fable Narrative" essay, and received wonderful feedback from the online tutor. So far, my experience has been positive and rewarding. I would recommend that anyone wanting to earn credit and learn how to write an essay for newbies like me, lol! Now, to choose a topic for the class essay JulieJun 28, That's great to hear, Julie. It is said around here quite often that one gets out of an online class exactly what one puts into it.

You are taking your time and doing it right. You are to be congratulated. SurfDoctorJun 28, Julie, I want to add to SurfDoctor's complement by offering one of my own. As you mentioned, you don't need the English Comp class. Though I must say that your ability to communicate is far better than I have seen outside this platform. I work with recent graduates who cannot type an email for the life of them.

It's quite frustrating to see how people can graduate, earn a high paying position, yet not have basic competencies in Corporate America. However, then again, I am only using my company as the example; much to say about the company I work for. I think it goes for most of us here that we support you and enjoy hearing about your inspirational, motivated success.StraighterLine is an online program that enables you to earn college credit and save thousands of dollars at the same time.

A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I decided on WGU but needed some experience to be accepted. My enrollment counselor suggested I take two basic courses through StraighterLine. I ended up take 21 classes, the max WGU would accept in as a transfer.

It took me 7 months to complete the courses and everything transferred. My experience was great and they took care of the few small issues I had along the way. A few friends took classes at StraighterLine and the way that they described it, they all said it was incredible. I took Stat and another class there and those kinds of classes are better online. Also, the price is incredible and you cannot beat that. I'm a college student and to be able to sit and do the online classes at your own pace is a huge thing.

So, getting to use that has been great and I learned a lot better. To be successful, I had to make sure to keep myself accountable instead of having a professor say that you need to have something done on a certain day.

I had a great experience with StraighterLine and I enjoyed it. I will be doing two more classes again with them soon. My sister may have taken a course from StraighterLine a few years ago and she was the one who told me about them. I was already going through a four-year college and I was trying to finish my degree faster. And through StraighterLine, I could do it when our school classes were on break. It was nice that I could do it at my own pace, and then if something came up, I could stop it if I need to.

I already had a specific study and I took 3 classes. One of them was philosophy, and the exams were really easy and nice. It made it really difficult. I also took environmental science, and it was the opposite. I was expecting it was gonna be like Philosophy so I studied a little bit more.

And then the final ended up being really nice and related to the material well. Staying motivated is a key to succeeding there. So, I set a schedule for myself and stuck to it. I had some more minors and a cognate, so it was expected I would graduate in 5 years, but I did it in three and a half.What do all these things have in common?

The L. Western Governors University works hard to help students learn material and take their tests in the most convenient ways for them.

Learn more about WGU and enroll today to start furthering your education. Our focus on your success starts with our focus on four high-demand fields: K—12 teaching and education, nursing and healthcare, information technology, and business. Every degree program at WGU is tied to a high-growth, highly rewarding career path.

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Which college fits you? Want to see all the degrees WGU has to offer?

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View all degrees. By submitting you will receive emails from WGU and can opt-out at any time. We're emailing you the app fee waiver code and other information about getting your degree from WGU.

Ready to apply now? March 3, A snoring cat. A cramping hand. An unexpected visit from the landlord. I never realized I was doing it until I literally had my test stopped three times! Trust me - THEY are watching! I just moved the camera while on the phone to show that it was my snoring cat! I'm glad that they watch. I want my hard work to be worth it! I suppose it is a bit odd-looking the first time you see it if you're expecting someone to be mousing around.

I had to close the blinds and had them resume my test once it was clear enough for them to see me. Share this: Twitter. Is an online nursing degree credible? Pop quiz on careers beyond teaching. College of Business Online.