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With the release of Riders of Rohan, there are many overlapping areas of information between the War-steed and Mounted Combat. The information is split to improve readability. War-steed Endurance is your warsteeds morale. War-steed Power is your warsteeds power. War-steed armour is your warsteeds armour the armour I got will reduce the damage my warsteeds takes for 7.

War-steed Strength contributes to the following if you have of it on a hunter :. War-steed Agility contributes to the following if you have of it on a hunter :. Traits are a War-steed 's main method of advancement. As your steed levels, it polaris belt 3211115 points which can be spent towards traits to increase the abilities of steed and rider, and in some cases earn additional mounted skills.

The five green traits across the top of the traits panel are the stat traits, which increase your War-steed's attributes. These five traits are identical for all three steed types. Below the stat traits are three trait trees, in red, blue, and yellow. These traits are different for each of the three steed types, although a few traits will appear in more than one.

For example, the trait Long Reach is offered to all three types at the top of the red tree, but Tactical Genius is only available to a Medium War-steed. To change steed type, use the drop-down menu at the very top of the Traits panel to select "Light", "Medium", or "Heavy". Down the right side of the panel are multiple Trait Specs.

You can save multiple trait set ups and switch between them on the fly, at no cost. Switching to a different Trait spec will dismount you from a War-steed. To reset your allocated trait points, click the Refund Points button at the bottom right of the panel. This will charge in-game gold to reset all of the points for a single trait spec.From Lotro-Wiki. Trait Points begin to accumulate every other level beginning at level 7, i. After leveltrait points are only earned every three levels.

If you're trying to figure out which points you are missing, the Class Trait Points Checklist [1] plugin may be helpful. Maximum Trait Points As of Update 27, there are 96 class trait points available from all sources for a Level character, though only 95 can be used.

Finishing the latter requires finishing the former. Unlike other classes, Beornings receive one Class Trait Point for each of their level 15 and level 30 class quests. In exchange, they only have a single class quest in Moria. Beornings don't earn a trait point for the Mines of Moria epic book, nor do they have a book to purchase from the Iron Garrison vendor.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Privacy policy About Lotro-Wiki. Collect all of the Legendary Book Pages minimum level Complete the item-collecting Class quest chain minimum level Reach Kindred reputation with the Iron Garrison Guardsthen purchase a class-specific book from the vendor minimum level Complete the deed: The Mines of Moria.

Complete the Quest: [15] The Speech of Animals. Complete the Quest: [30] Hatred of Bear and Man. A Hobbit's Holiday find 8 pages. A Study of the Skin-changer find 8 pages.

Genealogy of the Beornings find 8 pages. Complete the Quest Chain: [50] Grimbeorn's Challenge. The Book of Oaths find 8 pages.Forum Rules.

Lore-master Trait Tree

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What's New? Results 1 to 23 of Thread: New Trait Tree Planner. Advanced Search. Posts New Trait Tree Planner It was about time we got a new one. Reply With Quote. Join Date Jun Posts 2, Some suggestions: 1 Don't make it so you have to scroll down to see everything. Or - make a checkbox to disable them them. Thank you so much for this.

I've been missing having a web-based trait planner! Example of how I think the layout should be:. Join Date Jun Posts Been missing one of these!! Nothing more annoying than adding an extra point into a trait when doing a hybrid build and having to start all over.

lotro trait tree planner

Staerek - Officer - Rimsilval Kinship - Elendilmir. Originally Posted by ChromiteSwiftpaw. Originally Posted by danedrow. One of the other one had Community builds, and a kinda voting system, if that could be implemented it would be great.

Good work, now how do we keep it running long ter,m years and years?Forum Rules. We have detected that cookies are not enabled on your browser.

lotro trait tree planner

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Guardian Class Guide (U23)

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This is still work in progress and may not be the prettiest, but several classes are implemented and everything seems to be working rather fine. So maybe it will be of use to someone. It can be used for sharing builds online by saving and loading them from urls and in the future will also be able to store them locally. Assuming most of them scale in a linear fashion, my guesses for level 95 are hopefully fairy accurate.

Approximated or unknown values are denoted by [? Some, like skill damage and restores are very variable based on stats, gear and level so I think any future numbers there would still only be somewhat accurate at best. There are a couple minor display oddities between different resolutions and tooltips sometimes behave weird in very small resolutions especially when they cannot fit well. I wanted it to be more polished before release but I have overestimated the amount of free time I have, especially with holidays so close now.

So I unfortunately cannot work as much on it now but will return to it whenever possible. It was tested and working in latest Chrome and Firefox. I may work on other browsers when everything is finished. Join Date Sep Posts Originally Posted by Hothoen. Love it, thanks man! Looks like I'll have 60 when I hit 95 currently 92 and I hear that 5 more can be earned by questing in Rohan.

lotro trait tree planner

That is the only quest pack that I don't own, I'm sitting at around tp and it's so I'll wait for another sale. Question, are all 5 trait points available from the quest pack or do you have to buy the expansion??Virtues are a type of trait that characters can gain in LotRO. Virtues grants bonuses to stats and are an important part of improving your character. Each Virtue grants bonuses to 3 different stats. The first stat listed on the tooltip grants the largest bonus, the next grants a somewhat smaller bonus, and the last stat listed on the tooltip grants the smallest bonus.

In order to gain the stat bonuses for a Virtue it must be slotted by double-clicking it or dragging it to the top bar in the Virtue page of the Trait Tree Panel which by default is accessed by the j key. All Virtues also grant a small passive stat bonus either to Maximum Morale or Physical and Tactical Mastery even if they are not slotted.

Note : even when you don't have any rank at all then you still get rank 1 passives. Slotted Virtues are tied to each Trait build specified using the numbered tabs on the right side of the Trait Tree Panel. Therefore players can have unique Virtue builds that accompany their Class Trait builds. Note that Trait builds can be switched at any time while out-of-combat. To determine which Virtues provide the most benefit for each class and role, consult the following pages:.

To increase the stat bonuses provided by Virtues, you must increase their rank. Virtues gain ranks when players acquire Virtue XP as a reward for completing a deedcertain repeatable quests, or Featured Instances. Only one Virtue can be ranked up at a time - the Virtue that is specified as Earning in the Virtue panel. To mark a Virtue as Earning, click it such that the text 'Earning' appears in green below the Virtue name.

The current maximum rank achievable for Virtues is However, the effective maximum rank is based on character level. If a character is not max level, their Virtues will be capped at a rank of the character's level divided by 2 rounded down, up to character levelor the character's level minus 55 for characters above levelup to a maximum of The following table lists the best Virtues to slot for each stat.

High value virtues provide the highest value for the stat, while medium and low value virtues provide lesser values.In no way is what you are about to read the only way to tank, it is merely a collection of my suggestions. I wrote the when cap was so some of the graphics are out-dated but the principals still apply. I believe all the info is updated to U23 … if there are errors please let me know.

Before we can begin it is important that certain terminology and concepts are understood. This describes the area over which the attack will effect the target. As a tank you want to keep the monster s facing you at all times and away from the rest of the group. This allows the group to hit the monster from behind, gaining bonuses and avoiding frontal attacks.

Threat is generated by all classes. It is a numerical value that is assigned to you during battle that decides whether a monster attacks you or not. Monsters attack the character with the highest threat value unless someone uses a skill over-riding threat. You cannot see this number as it runs in the background of the game. It is often referred to as a threat table. Threat can be generated in three ways; 1 Doing damage to a monster.

Threat needs to be further defined:. Raw Threat RT At the start of a battle everyone has zero raw threat. As soon as an attack is made you generate raw threat. You can equip traits or use skills that will increase your perceived threat modifier.

Class Trait Point

Aggro is short for aggravation or aggregate and is commonly used in game to describe who the monsters are attacking; the person with aggro. For a tank, generating threat is your role. So if you do 1, DPS you generate 3, perceived threat. These skills are used to pull monsters off of players and forcing them to attack you Perhaps a DPS player just landed a huge critical blow and they drew aggro or to start a battle to ensure the tank has the most aggro.

The chance increases with subsequent use of this skill. Engage 38 3. All skills that generate DPS now generate threat. If you do 1, DPS you will generate 3, perceived threat. As a Blue Line tank, these are some of the skills you will be using. Applies a Fortification Buff Shield-swipe 2 4.A warrior line, forgoing the shield for better weapons.

Managing Fervour, health, and power makes this Tank unstoppable. This effect can stack up to five times. Glory Glory Reduce incoming melee damage. Consumes all current fervour and restores power. Amount of power restored is based off the amount of fervour consumed. You need 0 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch.

You need 10 ranks earned in the whole tree. Area Effect attack that reduces enemies damage for a short duration. You need 5 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch. Powerful attack that hits multiple enemies in front of you and cannot be blocked, parried, or evaded.

This skill requires a parry event. You need 10 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch. The amount of damage reduced is dependant on how many pips of fervour is consumed. Champions shrug off damage that would bring many to their knees. Twice the amount of power lost is transferred to Morale.

You need 20 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch.

LotRO: How to TANK on Guardian

Max rank grants the Champion a Parry response upon being Critically hit. You need 25 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch. You need 35 ranks earned in the whole tree.

Must have selected The Martial Champion line. Every time you are hit, you gain a stack of Unbreakable, raising your Tactical Mitigation and Morale. At max stacks, you gain Mighty Roar, a powerful Area Effect skill to unleash upon your enemies. Merciful Strike now has no health threshold requirement You need 30 ranks in other traits in the The Martial Champion branch. Deals bursts of single-target high damage, relying on a high Crit chance to do massive damage.

This attack is hard to defend. Critical hits deal massive damage.