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Guitars The 's arrived with Carvin building a head of steam in the guitar and bass arenas. Although the catalog still focused primarily on pro audio gear, the instrument lines began an expansion that would continue to the present day, and the foundation was being established for a reputation that many would consider to be the finest US-made instruments on the market.

Click each picture to see the full catalog page. All three models were stereo-wired, with dual M22 humbuckers, dual volume controls, single tone control, and coil splitters and phase switches. The DC was an indication of things to come in the future for Carvin.

Carvin custom Jason Becker JB200sc guitar review-played on the Legacy 3 head and cabinet.

This model was essentially an upscale DC, made from curly or birdseye maple, with abalone block inlays, abalone headstock inlay and 24K gold hardware as standard features. Electronics were the same as the DC The pickguard found on all other Carvin models was noticeably absent, allowing the wood to show - a feature that would soon be standard on most Carvin guitars.

The CM left was also available in the same 3 configurations as the DC, and featured mono output, in a Les Paul style body shape. Pickups and controls were hte same as the DC A lefthanded model was not offered.

It was stereo wired, and included MOP block and headstock inlays. A maple fingerboard was not offered, but a left-handed version was available. Not shown in the catalog was the CMa twelve-string version of the CM Interestingly, the DN series featured the body style that would be the template for the hugely popular DC series of guitars that would be introduced inand the LB60 bass that descargar islander 2 appear in The DN left was available in black or natural finishes, both with ebony fingerboards, MOP dot inlays, chrome hardware and mono wiring, with an input for each neck.

The DN right was available with the same features as the DN In addition to the catalog pages actually featuring the available guitar models, Carvin dedicated 4 pages to "selling" the instruments, with in-depth descriptions of various features, construction techniques, and electronics. Interestingly, the M22 pickup far right was shown installed in what appears to be a Les Paul, and the description is clear that the M22 can be installed on a Gibson guitar. Click each picture to see a larger version.Carvin has created a wide variety of guitars in their history - over 50 different models in the past 30 years alone.

carvin guitar models

There have been hundreds of changes over the years, including different headstocks, electronics and pickups, woods, finishes, hardware and much more. In this section of the site, you can see the evolution of Carvin's guitars, as well as see models that have long since been retired. There is also a significant amount of data on instruments Carvin produced early in their history, including steel guitars, mandolins and even the occasional banjo, violin and accordion in the sections from the 50's through the 70's.

In addition to simply browsing through these sections, you can use the Yearly Data Matrix to find a specific year, or the Search function of the site. If you are trying to identify a specific Carvin guitar, you can use the Guitar Identification Guide. On most of the pages, you can click on a catalog page image to see the entire page for that particular model.

Click on a catalog below to begin browsing.Carvin Guitar models - Because Carvin has offered so many options, and accommodated special requests for custom features, not every conceivable option or feature is represented.

Additionally, many features were offered as "unofficial options" before they were introduced, or after the feature in question was officially retired. Bigsby vibrolas were optional on most, standard on some. Bodies were maple, and in some cases, were unspecified hardwoods.


All guitars had AP-series adjustable humbuckers, and A-series non-adjustable humbuckers were optional. All Carvin guitars were finished in either natural or sunburst - no colors of any sort.

There were some imports sold at various times throughout the 's that had unspecified components and materials. Note that Cobalt acoustic guitars, and their features, are not represented here. Current Models. Ultra V. Bolt-on maple Carvin neck, alder standardswamp ash, walnut, koa or mahogany body. Standard Strat-style rounded body sides DC Traditional 3X3 headstock - standard on all ex. Traditional 3X3 headstock - standard on some models.

Fishman acoustic bridge in conjunction with other configurations.Unsurpassed high frequency and deep bass response will place the audience in the center of your performance. SCx Series loudspeakers provide a high performance solution for small to mid-sized venues.

The SCx Series features the latest innovations in acoustic driver and amplifier technology. The QX Series is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker, full range stage monitor, or designed as a main with our SCx18A subwoofer for a three-way extended low end system.

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Carvin replacement speakers and high frequency drivers for the following Carvin series. Have questions?

Guitar Amplifiers

Click here to contact our expert staff. It retains all the quality warm tone of the Legacy pre amp section of the amp but now I can carry it in my suitcase and know that wherever I go I will have my favorite amp tone with me. The clarity and intelligibility that I get from their products is world class. We had a number of mics all running at the same time and found the Carvin Audio system to be superior in sound quality at an accessible price level. Above all they understand their customers and offer incredible service and guidance.

We are already planning to expand our audio equipment with more Carvin Audio microphone systems. Compact design coupled with an intuitive, easy set up makes going wireless an enjoyable process. I used my WG5 Wireless system at a show for the first time last night. I am totally impressed and very happy about this purchase. Thank you! Hello Carvin! I got my package yesterday and immediately tried it out and just have a little feedback. Yours is definitely quieter, I have less hiss coming through my amps with the WG5, and the sound is awesome.

Cheers and rock on Carvin! Kudos to Carvin. I've been using the unit a few hours in my shop without a stutter or burp. No tone lost even when used with a pedal board. This product competes against units at a much higher price point. Buy This Product!!! The QX15A is a inch 2-way active multi-purpose enclosure designed for use as mains, stage monitors, or for DJ sound. The bi-amp watt active system delivers clear, high SPL output with internal limiting to protect the drivers for years of service.

Stream audio wirelessly from your phone or tablet using bluetooth. Pair a second QX15A using bluetooth for a wireless stereo setup. The rugged water resistant enclosure is designed to deliver crystal clear sound in small to medium size venues.Carvin may not be a household name like Gibson or Marshall, but it's still a global company that's been producing instruments and audio equipment for more than 70 years.

If you're thinking about buying from them, here's a brief look at the history of Carvin guitars and the things that brought the company to where it is today. Carvin started in as the L. Kiesel Company, named for its founder Lowell C Kiesel. At the time, the company focused on creating guitar pickups to help magnify the sound of electric guitars which had been invented in and were an established type of instrument by this period. The company didn't limit itself to pickups for long - in short order, they were also manufacturing steel guitars.

Inthe business briefly shifted from the original shop in San Diego, California to Gothenburg, Nebraska when Lowell lived there for a short time. The move was not permanent, though, and the company returned to California in Sales started to pick up, and it wasn't long before it branched out to other types of instruments and accessories.

A Brief History Of Carvin Guitars – Taking A Look at Its Journey

Aside from their own instruments, Carvin sold rebadged guitars from other manufacturers and slowly increased its visibility through advertisements in magazines and mailed sheets of information.

Inthe company took a big step forward with the release of its first mail-order catalog. Such catalogs aren't quite as popular these days, but at the time, they were one of the best and only ways for a company to share information for a wide variety of products.

Between the s and the s, Carvin guitars experienced plenty of turbulence - though most of it was ultimately good for business. They expanded various product linesincluding their steel guitars, electric basses, electric guitars, double necks, and other instruments. At that point, the company needed a guiding hand - and it chose President Mark Kiesel, a relative of the founder, to lead its popular Guitar division. Mark's goals were different from what the company had been doing.

For the last ten years or so, Carvin guitars had focused on building instruments with Hofner components - essentially, they were a factory for another brand. Mark had a vision that went beyond following someone else's instructions, and he soon set the company to work developing its own line of guitars and basses.

In something of a rarity for the time, each instrument was unique and custom-built for customers. Rather than offering an assembly-line product, Mark allowed customers to select the options and parts they wanted. It wasn't long before customers began to flock through the doors to get their hands on the perfect instrument.

Inthe company made a change to its products, going from the original set-neck models to what were mainly neck-through designs.Carvin Audio and Amplifiers has been designing and building guitar amplifiers since with all tube designs, solid state designs and blends of both. Our amplifiers have been used by many artists, session players and working musicians with years of solid performance. The all tube watt V3 and 50 watt V3m series provides two high gain channels and a clean channel.

Our Vintage series brings back the classic tone of the dirty blues players and singing clean guitar. The XB, a reissue of our 80s and early 90s flagship amplifier, is the perfect blend of preamp tube tone, solid state equalization, and all tube W power amplifier.

The Acoustic series provides amplification for acoustic instruments and includes microphone and play back channels for the all in one amplifier and PA system when needed. The V3M Series amps take many of the popular features of the V3 Series, and incorporate them in a small light weight package that packing 50 watts of power from four EL84 power tubes.

The versatility of the V3m comes from the all tube gain, three tone characters on each channel and the EQ expansion switch covering many genres and playing styles.

An Internal lush reverb compliments the overall sound of the V3m. Available as the V3MC single inch combo design, the light weight head design, the V3M Micro Series is the guitarist's dream for tone. The V3's tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch for all styles of music.

It's four EL34's produce over watts of output power and can be throttled back to 50 watts or 20 watts with the power attenuation switch. The three channels of expanded tone circuits and three tone characters on each channel cover many genres and playing styles, from rock and metal to blues and country.

Set the internal LED lamps to a variety of killer colors to match your attitude on each channel. Master your tone with the V3 and VX series Birch cabinets. You pour your heart and soul into the music you create. The VX series guitar cabinets are all premium Baltic Birch construction, with finer lines, a larger cabinet size, thicker fronts, and black grill cloth, to project your passion in both tone and style.

The larger cabinet size gives new detail and body to your tone. The VX series includes a unique dual single on the VX removable port open back system providing new ways to shape your tone. Choose the single port VX tuning for extended 8 string low end output. Five models are available from singe inch to four inch cabinets. The W all-tube 3-channel Legacy 3 guitar amp is the result of countless hours of design and development by Carvin engineers, working closely with Steve Vai.

The Legacy 3 features a master volume controlling the volume of all 3 channels without affecting the tone, a master boost control, channel-assignable reverb; and internal LED lighting were a different color can be assigned to each channel.

carvin guitar models

Leave your own legacy Your every note will be heard loud and clear with the expressive, detailed tone of this legendary amplifier. Let the crowd remember your performance for a lifetime. The all tube Vintage Series guitar amps reflect our devotion to tone. Rich, thick harmonics with creamy smooth mid tones define the superb sound of these amps.

Matched EL84 output tubes and 12AX7 tubes react to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. If you drive the amp hard, it rings out with rich tube harmonics. Available in a 16 watt with dual EL84's, a 50 watt with quad EL84's, single inch and two inch speaker combos and head-only configurations with matching extension cabinets.

Loaded with GT12 speakers. Covered in vintage tweed vinyl. When you need vintage this series delivers. The tube XB Mark IV is the classic master volume tube amplifier, with it's unique active tone controls and 5-band graphic EQ, allowing any sound to be achieved. The AG acoustic series are premium acoustic instrument amplifiers with a compliment of features providing a complete sound solution for solo and small group performances in coffee shops, small auditoriums.

Three channels support acoustic or electric guitars, both stand up and bass guitars, keyboards, media players and microphones. Dual DSP effects with adjustable echo, reverb and chorus are tailored to add great ambience to any performance.

With up to watts and versatile tone control you will be covers at your next acoustic gig with a Carvin AG amplifier.Note the following headstocks:. The headstock on the right is from a CM Although the headstock shapes are different, there is no mistaking the inlay in the center.

Although the inlays are different, the shapes are nearly identical. Once again, the "double diamond" logos are identical. For more, see and Due to the amount of customization available on Carvin guitars, identifying the specific model can sometimes be difficult. Serial numbers can be of some help in narrowing down the possible guitar models available for any given year, but the most accurate method of making the determination, particularly on a guitar where the serial number is not known, is by looking at the woods, hardware, and headstock, and then seeing what models from what year fit that criteria.

Serial number information for Carvin instruments is scarce, and bass guitars were serialized right along with guitars:. Guitar Identification Matrix. Bass Identification Guide. Amplifier Identification Guide. Extrapolation of serial numbers is practically impossible, and the numbers themselves have no logical order.

For example, a TL60 made in has a serial number ofwhile a Bolt made in has a serial number ofand an LB70 made in has a serial number of These examples are actual serial numbers, as well, and are only one example of the randomness of Carvin's serial number schema, especially from to the present.

Guitars and basses prior to did not have serial numbers. Unlike most other manufacturers' serial numbers, there are no hidden "codes" in a Carvin serial number that indicate year or month of production, or anything else. They are, essentially, a random number. Carvin serial numbers can be located in several different places.

carvin guitar models

Older models, up through the late 's, had the serial number on the jackplate. However, models with rounded body sides had jacks with no plates, so these serial numbers are located on the fretboard. There's an exception to this, as well - maple fingerboards. Because maple and birdseye maple cannot be stamped with a serial number like ebony can, a model with rounded body side and therefore, no jackplate with a maple fingerboard would have the serial number on the control cavity cover plate.

Models from the s with a bolt-on neck could have the serial number located on the neck plate, as well. Carvin does not keep an accurate database of serial numbers, and cannot provide any information based solely on a serial number.