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TRG Products — 1. Box - Marietta, GA The pores of the wood look much like "peaks" and "valleys".

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In order to achieve a sheen with Briwax, you must first fill the pores or the "valleys" with Briwax. On soft woods, such as pine, the pores of the wood are large. Generally three or four applications of Briwax are necessary to completely fill the pores and develop a beautiful hand rubbed luster on raw pine.

Pine wood that has already been stained or finished will develop a sheen more quickly. On hard woods -- maple, oak, birch, etc. The hand rubbed luster can easily be achieved with one or two applications of Briwax. Remember these key elements in applying Briwax: Use Briwax sparingly -- a little goes a long way Always buff after each application of Briwax If the wax smudges, you've used too much Briwax.

Most of the time, people are looking for a sheen for their furniture.

How to Apply Briwax to Wood

Recently, we have had several people ask us how to decrease the sheen on their furniture! Decreasing the sheen has a very easy solution. Even if you decide not to buff out Briwax, it is still important to apply the wax in light applications.

Remember, even after you buff your Briwax finish, a wax finish will always be a softer sheen than using a poly or plastic finish. Briwax is pronounced BRI wax — long I — rhymes with my.

So, remember the jingle. My Wax, Briwax! TRG Products. Briwax Hints. What is Briwax? Briwax is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax. An all natural product. Beeswax is an excellent preservative, but relatively soft. Carnauba wax is a much harder wax. The combination of the two makes for a perfect finish on all surfaces. The addition of various dye colors suspended in the wax allows Briwax to diminish minor scratches disappear without changing the character or color of the piece.

An inherent cleaning solvent in the wax is designed to clean grease and grime off the surface before it evaporates, leaving a waxed surface.This website will show you the range of Briwax products available in New Zealand, along with plenty of hints and tips for making sure that you get the best finish possible on your projects.

The Briwax product range has been selected from the traditional wood finishes manufactured in the UK, drawing on the Company's almost years of experience supplying the original formulations to achieve the quality of a professional traditional finish.

To find out more about Briwax products, and how best to apply them, click one of the buttons to the left.

Briwax Original 400g Clear

All the best trade and DIY stores sell Briwax. It's also available at many smaller specialist paint and furniture stores. To find the nearest store to you, click the "Where to buy" button at the very top of this page. Welcome to Briwax Click here for information on how to order directly during Covid lockdown This website will show you the range of Briwax products available in New Zealand, along with plenty of hints and tips for making sure that you get the best finish possible on your projects.


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How ToBy Briwax Product code: Pack size: Each. Remember me. Can be used on bare or finished wood to give a high shine and durable finish. Not recommended for use in high moisture situations. Hazard safety codes: F, Xn.

Please note items delivered by our suppliers are not available for the options above. Delivery times may vary. Product s have been successfully added to your list. Click here to view your list. Recommended Provider.

Back to Interior Woodcare. Click here for details. Read reviews Catalogue page Select from 2 variations. Add to trolley for Login to save for later. Remember me Sign in Register. Product Details Can be used on bare or finished wood to give a high shine and durable finish. Delivery details. Ensure you check stock is available for collection at your chosen branch. Check branch opening hours to ensure you have sufficient time to collect. Briwax Original g Clear is rated 4.

Rated 5 out of 5 by MrsDris from Easy! Ordering quick, Confirmation quick, collwction easy! Product known so no surprises.Briwax is a solvent based blend of beeswax and carnauba wax.

Briwax has long been recognized by furniture restoration professionals as a premiere, multi-purpose furniture wax. It produces a Quick View. Add to Cart. Briwax - Dark Brown. Briwax - Rustic Pine. Briwax - Natural Creamed Beeswax, 8-oz. Briwax - Ebony. Briwax - Liming Wax, 8 -oz. Briwax - Light Brown. Briwax - Clear. Briwax - Golden Oak. Briwax - Teak, oz. It produces a lustrous patina, not a glossy surface shine. It is suitable for use as a finish on new wood or stripped furniture, a reconditioner for old or damaged finishes, a furniture wax for fine furniture and antiques or an antiquing agent where the desire is to "age" a newly painted carving or project.

Tinted waxes can be lightened or removed with the clear wax. I used this product upon the recommendation of a master builder who specializes in restoration. My 20 year old late 18th early 19th century reproduction cabinets desperately needed rejuvenating. I initially borrowed a can. It's so awesome I'm getting my very own.

It also left a beautiful hard finish, and application was a no brainer. The cabinets look like "new" again. Love it! Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Item Briwax - Tudor Brown. Ships on July 17, The best and cheapest way to buy our products is from the major DIY store groups. As almost all of our products are classified as Dangerous Goods for shipping purposes, it's far easier to pick them from the shelf in your local store and take them home yourself.

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All DIY stores, from the largest to the smallest, can order any of our products for next day delivery if they don't have the full range on the shelf. Most will do this for you willingly.

However, we understand that many people cannot get to a local store at the moment, and so we can offer direct shipment to your home or office if you cannot get to a nearby stockist. We can ship anywhere in the country in level 3 or lower. We will respond with the total price including shipping, and an expected delivery date, and you can then decide whether to go ahead with the order.

Products available include: Danish Oil ml, ml, 1 litre, or 5 litre. How to order Briwax products during Covid lockdown Ordering directly The best and cheapest way to buy our products is from the major DIY store groups. Please don't ask us to ship by a cheaper method, as this is both dangerous and illegal. Please don't purchase online from a store that claims to be able to ship cheaply to you. For larger orders we will pay the shipping cost, so this may be more worthwhile if you need several products.

Wood Dyes. Other Products. How ToEveryday, we receive inquiries about How to Use Briwax. Here are some links that you can use to find out more about using this wonderful product — Briwax. That a lot of information! Taking the time to read these articles will enhance your Briwax experience so that you can produce a near professional finish, first time — every time!!

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You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! The Briwax Guy. Skip to content. Oops, my Briwax is liquid. Hints on Using Briwax — this covers a lot of everyday questions about Briwax and using it Briwax as the Only Finish — this photo album will show you examples of furniture that has been finished using ONLY Briwax Briwax Over Paint — this photo album will show you the steps of using Briwax over paint for an aged look Briwax on Furniture — this photo album will show you examples of furniture that is maintained using Light Brown Briwax Briwax on Cherry — this photo album will show you a cherry wood corbel that is finished using ONLY Teak Briwax Briwax on Concrete — this photo album will show you examples of concrete that has been finished or maintained using Briwax Coverage of Briwax — if you should have a really big job — for example the hardwood floors in your home — this section will explain how to calculate the quantity of Briwax that you will need, both for raw wood and for use over paint or a varnish.

Using Briwax Liquid — this covers using Briwax in a liquid state Using Briwax Liquid 2 — this section will walk you through using Briwax in a liquid state — step-by-step Metals — this shows using Briwax on metals, even metals that are rusty Ceramics — this shows using Briwax on ceramics — sometimes to age them, sometimes just to enhance them Kitchen Cabinets — did you know that Briwax can clean up the grease off of your kitchen cabinets?

Yes, it does! See more in this section. Finished Wood — this section gives pointers on using Briwax on any piece of furniture in your home. Wood Carving — this section is specifically designed for Wood Carvers, but any wood enthusiast will enjoy reading it. See how Briwax is used to enhance the details of carvings.How to stain wood using Briwax for a fast, easy, foolproof finish.

We used Briwax to enhance and accentuate the natural character and beauty of the two nightstand DIY tables. We built these tables out of pine which has a tendency to take stain unevenly which makes for a blotchy, streaky, cheap looking finish. Not at all what we had in mind for these gorgeous tables. I love using Briwax to stain and finish wood, especially pine. It leaves a beautiful touchable luster that enhances the natural character of the wood.

It provides a lot of control over adding and removing color and is very forgiving of mistakes. With Briwax it is easy to layer colors and create depth and dimension that would be difficult to achieve with other stains. One thing I like to do when working with furniture created from joined wood, is to extend knots and distress marks from one board into the next. This helps create the illusion that the piece is made from one solid slab.

Lightly sketch with pencil the knot or markings onto the connected board. Then use tools to cut and gouge the wood to continue patterns and marks across the seam. Here is a before and after of the same knot. The added distressing makes the seam almost disappear. Once we were happy with the look of the piece we sanded lightly to create a touchable surface, without removing the character and beauty of the natural wood.

After sanding wipe with tack cloth or mineral spirits soaked rag to remove sawdust. Make sure that any excess glue or other resist material has been thoroughly removed as it will not take the color and will leave light marks. Apply the Briwax with a soft cloth making sure that your skin is protected with chemical resistant gloves. The solvents in Briwax are aggressive and will eat through regular latex gloves quickly! My favorite method of Briwax application is to have the Wood and Briwax in the sun so that the wood and wax are warm.

This is not necessary, but results in a richer glossier finish. If using two colors, start by wiping the darker color over areas where the grain is wide and the wood lacks interesting features. Let dry for a few minutes and then use the lighter color to wipe over the entire piece up to, and slightly overlapping dark areas.

Be careful not to remove the already applied darker wax. Allow to dry until the wax sets up and gets hazey. Usually minutes. Now buff the piece until the wax develops a warm luster and is not tacky to the touch. Step back and view the piece to determine if there are light, or streaky areas that you would like to darken.

A car buffer works great for buffing, especially if you are doing a large surface area. I like the upper body work out, but after a while my arm felt like it was going to fall off.