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The metresor meters US spellingis a common track running event. It is the shortest common middle-distance running event. The metres is run over two laps of the track metre track and has been an Olympic event since the first games in During indoor track season the event is usually run on a metre track, therefore requiring four laps. The event was derived from the imperial measurement of a half a mile yardsa traditional English racing distance.

Imperial racing distances were common in the United States. Countries associated to the English system converted to metric distances after the Commonwealth Games. The event combines aerobic endurance with anaerobic conditioning and sprint speed. Both the aerobic and anaerobic systems are being taxed to a high extent, thus the metre athlete is required to combine training between both systems. If they are so inclined, m runners are usually encouraged to run the metres while m runners are encouraged to run the metres or long distance events.

Almost all m athletes' training will be on the track during the outdoor season Summerand will mostly consist of repetitions of distances between m and m. Coaches have varying opinions on training during Winter; some argue the athlete should continue to do m training and racing on indoor tracks, whereas others argue that cross-country running is more beneficial as it develops strength and endurance.

It is worth noting that the training of these two athletes was aimed at the m and mile as well as the m. The higher an athlete's standard, the more likely they are to do "strength and conditioning" training, which may include weight trainingcircuit trainingor plyometrics.

The m event is also known for its tactical racing techniques. Because the m event is the shortest middle distance event that has all the runners converge on lane one, positioning on the cut-in and the position of the pack is critical to the outcome of the race. It is commonly believed that getting the first or second position early in the race is advantageous as these positions are not usually caught up in the pack.

Olympic champions Dave WottleKelly Holmes and others have defied that logic by running a more evenly paced race, lagging behind the pack and kicking past the slowing early leaders. Often the winner of m races at high levels are not determined by the strongest runner but instead by the athlete with the best positioning near the end of the race. This leads to a high probability of an upset. Competitive races tend to put the athletes in different lanes.

This is common in youth running, but unlikely anywhere else. Two common tactics for the metres are running a negative split or a positive split between laps. The positive split is widely considered to be the more effective strategy, but on occasion experienced runners have been known to use a negative split to their advantage.

A positive split is achieved by running the first lap faster than the second lap, and a negative split is achieved by the opposite, running the second lap faster than the first. The current world record holder, David Rudisharuns using a positive split strategy. In his Olympic race, he ran his first lap in The m Olympic champion speaks to Olympic Channel about a painful year that included a car crash, and his Tokyo comeback.

David Rudisha's name means to return in Swahili. And that is exactly what the Kenyan is planning to do: Return in style and win a third Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The world m record holder has not competed for 18 months due to a misdiagnosed injury, a major car crash, and personal issues including his father's death and the breakdown of his marriage. But the year-old hopes to resume training soon, as he wants to become the first man to win three consecutive Olympic titles.

I want to live up to my name. David Rudisha: I stopped training completely, that was the advice I was given.

Women’s 800m at Athletics World Cup 2018

I have been out for over a year and a half, since I had a sitting bone problem. I first felt it in I remember while training for the Rio Olympics, I was pointing to the physios that I have some discomfort. I wanted them to do something. I did some scans and tests, but we couldn't detect the problem. We thought it was coming from the back of sciatic nerve, but it turned out to be a misdiagnosis" - David Rudisha to Olympic Channel.

But now I feel like the injury is almost gone. I feel better, ready to come back. I will start getting into training slowly. DR: It was painful. I felt like on my left leg, I was losing power because of the pain. And I was not fully stretching in training, and I felt like my stride was a little bit shorter. I was driving from Nairobi to my home, in Kilgoris. I had driven for like five hours, and I had 30 kilometres to get home. Then as I approached a sharp corner, there was a public service bus on my lane and we crashed.Jarmila Kratochvilova ran meters in 1 minute Jarmila Kratochvilova winning the meter run in a world-record time of 1 minute Kratochvilova KRA-toke-vee-lova is 66 now, a pensioner and a youth coach here in rural Bohemia, about 65 miles southeast of Prague.

She has been retired from competition for three decades. But her career may soon be shaken retroactively as track and field officials attempt to restore credibility to a sport hit by repeated doping scandals. That year, storage of blood and urine samples began for more sophisticated drug screenings.

Sebastian Coe of Britain, the I. But the proposal has sparked outrage among the record holders themselves — including Kratochvilova — who feel that they are being judged guilty of doping by association. They do have one important point: There is no proof that every record set before was aided by doping and no guarantee that every record achieved since then was unassisted by banned substances.

Her case is extremely complicated and illustrates the murkiness that will challenge any good-faith attempt to reconsider who should be worthy of a world record. This will be especially true of athletes who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and competed during the s, when sport in the Eastern bloc was used as propaganda to promote communism. Elite athletes there often had little or no choice but to participate in state-sponsored doping programs. To refuse was to risk not being allowed to train for the Olympics or other major international competitions, where victory could mean national glory and perks such as an apartment or a car.

She has always denied using steroids, and has attributed her physique and success on the track to the rigors of farm life as well as voluminous weight training and vitamins. A second document detailed the results of an internal doping control test used to flag athletes who would risk testing positive for banned substances at international competitions.

The documents cast suspicion but do not provide indisputable confirmation that Kratochvilova used banned substances, antidoping officials said. The Czech Republic and Slovakia officially separated in He provided The Times a look at the documents. Kratochvilova was born, and still lives, in the village of Golcuv Jenikov. While working as an accountant and training for the Moscow Olympics, Kratochvilova sometimes ran beneath streetlights at 4 in the morning before heading to her job.

At those Games, even as a part-time athlete, she won a silver medal at meters for Czechoslovakia. She then began training full time here on a cinder track and forest paths. The stories about her immense willpower and strength are legendary in the track world.

And whether they are repeated matter of factly, or told with awe or wariness, they remain astonishing. She sprinted in spiked shoes on a frozen pond when snow covered the cinder track in winter. She ran repeats of meters while dragging a tire filled with varying amounts of sand. According to Kratochvilova and her coach, she possessed such power and stamina that, in a single, several-hour session of weight lifting, she could hoist up to 25 tons.

A Czech newspaper said it was 16 tons.The following table shows the world record progression in the men's and women's metresofficially ratified by the IAAF. The first world record in the men's metres was recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations in The "Time" column indicates the ratified mark; the "Auto" column indicates a fully automatic time that was also recorded in the event when hand-timed marks were used for official records, or which was the basis for the official mark, rounded to the 10th of a second, depending on the rules then in place.

Auto times to the hundredth of a second were accepted by the IAAF for events up to and including 10, m from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Men [ edit ] The first world record in the men's metres was recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations in Time Auto Athlete Date Location Berlin " PDF. Pages Archived from the original pdf on June 29, Retrieved August 9, Daegu " PDF. Archived from the original PDF on October 1, Retrieved August 3, Retrieved 3 January Pages—2.

Athletics record progressions. High jump men outdoor men indoor women Long jump men women Triple jump Pole vault men men indoor women women indoor. Shot put men women Discus men women Hammer men women Javelin men women. Decathlon Heptathlon men women Pentathlon. List of world records in athletics. Categories : World athletics record progressions metres.

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800m world record

LondonUnited Kingdom [1]. Milan, Italy [1]. Oslo, Norway [1].The world may have tuned in to see Usain Bolt on Thursday, but they also saw another athlete guarantee his place in Olympic history.

Bolt took all the headlines with his stunning m gold, but it was the quiet and unassuming David Rudisha who became the first man to break a world record at the London Games with an equally brilliant performance in the m.

The year-old Kenyan may have entered the Olympic Stadium under the radar of many this week, but he showed just why he was labelled by Lord Coe as "probably on paper the most impressive track and field athlete at these Games" as he broke his own world record. He also became the first man to run inside one minute 41 seconds, clocking Former Olympic medallist and BBC commentator Steve Cram was in no doubt about the quality of Rudisha's display in a race which saw seven of the eight runners set personal bests.

Such was the pace of the race that British runner Andrew Osagie - who finished last - set a new best of Cram said: "Simply unbelievable! That's the greatest ever m race anyone has ever run or that I have ever seen. He was all on his own.

How do you put that into words? He talked a lot about putting on a show in these Olympics and he has just done that. He's the athlete that everyone admires. In his short career, Rudisha has set the three fastest m times of all time and managed six of the fastest eight ever. But before he smashed the record twice in a week at the age of 21, the m world record had historically not been an easy record to break. The time of He and Rudisha remain the only men ever to better Coe's figures, while year-old Nijel Amos matched Coe's year-old time in taking silver behind Rudisha in London.

Rudisha missed out on the Beijing Games through injury and revealed after his gold medal ceremony that he and his coach had meticulously plotted his path to the top after that setback.

I was favourite to win a medal but I knew I had time. My coach advised me to stay at school and finish my exams. Even if I had gone and won the Olympics, I might not have handled the pressure. So I moved on. Which I did. That is how I have been working. Perhaps more ominously for the rest of the world was his revelation that he only started learning about sport in After 10 years, he has picked it up fairly well.

Let's see what he can do in Rio. Athletics Results Calendar. Top Stories. De Bruyne tips England for major titles.The shortest middle-distance event is run over two laps of a m track. Athletes make standing starts from staggered positions and run in lanes until the end of the first bend, which is when they can break for the inside. Women first contested it at the Games, but it was dropped from the roster and reinstated in Cuba's Alberto Juantorena, aka White Lightning, is the only man to win the Olympic m and m titles at the same Games, doing so at Montreal in European and African male athletes have shared success at the major championships of the past 20 years, although Kenyan athletes have won gold at the past two Olympics.

Later that year, in Cologne, he lowered the mark to Introduction Structure Employment Contact Newsletters. All Lifestyle Performance Culture.

David Rudisha's Olympics & world record 800m win 'unbelievable'

Season Top Lists All time Top lists. Home of World Athletics. Share Tweet Email. How it works The shortest middle-distance event is run over two laps of a m track. Did you know Cuba's Alberto Juantorena, aka White Lightning, is the only man to win the Olympic m and m titles at the same Games, doing so at Montreal in Gold standard European and African male athletes have shared success at the major championships of the past 20 years, although Kenyan athletes have won gold at the past two Olympics.

World Rankings Men's m mm. Women's m mm. Latest News.It means the Ugandan athletics star has erased Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele's record that had remained intact for 15 years. It means he has erased both races' records previously set by Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele after each remaining intact for more than a decade.

Yet, Cheptegei's records story does not stop at these two.

800m world record

Back in February, the year-old Ugandan athletics star also broke the world 5km road record in Monaco. So his latest feat, produced on a humid late night in the Spanish city of Valencia at a specially-organised NN Valencia World Record Day event, means Cheptegei has broken three world records this year.

And to him, his latest metronomical achievement, which places him firmly in the history space of the sport's greats before him, is just the foundation of what is to come. Back in August 26Ethiopian Bekele broke his own 10,m record to establish a new one of Fast-forward to present day, 15 years later, and Cheptegei has once again entered his name in the athletics history books by establishing a new 10,m world record of Coming into Wednesday's race, the world champion's best time was Track 'still exciting'.

In the buildup to the race, Cheptegei had said he was delighted to be offered the opportunity to go after the 10,m record. And after his blistering triumphant run, the Ugandan runner spoke of what it meant to him.

You know you are trying to write history We want to make people know that the track is still exciting. We want to give it our all so that the sports lovers in the world can have the benefit of their time by seeing us now," he said. And after racing in a nearly empty stadium due to the COVID restrictions, Cheptegei urged people to follow the guidelines put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Knowing that we need to take precautions to defeat the virus, we need to be careful, we don't need to be reckless and for sure the world will return back to normal.

We need to tell them again that the world will get back to normal, and the best way we can do that is when all of us get concerned about coming back to normal," he said. President Yoweri Museveni congratulated Cheptegei on his achievement, tweeting that "Uganda is proud of you as you continue to hoist our flag high!

And she did it - with a new world record time of Ugandan Winnie Nanyondo, better known for the m event, took part in this women's race. British PM to outline new virus lockdown system. Fauci says Trump campaign ad twists his words on virus. Sunday,October 11, PM.

Men's 800-Meter World Records, Recognized by the IAAF

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800m world record

Uganda's Cheptegei breaks 10,m track world record By Joseph Kizza. Related articles.